Seeking your generosity in paying off my American Express bill.

by Jazmine H

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Jazmine H

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Hey Guys,

Jazmine here, Im hoping to get some help from you guys. I am drowning in credit card debt and have no other place to go for help. My American Express credit credit card has been a thorn in my backside for awhile. The balance is very high due to having to take a medical leave and my expenses went haywire. I have been paying the minimum payment for awhile now and it’s not making a dent due to the interest rate being high. My medical bill kicked in and I can no longer afford the American Express credit card bill any longer. These bills have been very stressful for my mental health. Getting help paying off this credit card bill would relieve a huge stress ball from my shoulders. My mental health would drastically improve! I normally power through what I need to power through to get things done but this one I gracefully need your help on. I hope you are willing to donate and help me pay this bill off. I thank you!


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