Kidney stone set me back and need help!

by Matthew F

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Matthew F

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Im Matthew and in need of some assistance. Back on May 3rd 2023, I was sitting down eating and I developed this pain on my lower back on the left side. I thought I pulled a muscle or something. So I laid down but the pain continued. I then got on the floor to see if it would subside. Nope! The pain came in waves of about 1-2 minutes of lesser pain in between. I could barely stand up. My wife walked me to the car to go to the hospital. Waited around an hour. At this time the pain was consistently between 8-10. The worse pain I had ever went through. While waiting, I vomited a few times. At one point, I had to go outside and lay down on the bench because of the pain being so bad. Finally was seen and they threw some iv’s in me. X-rays showed the kidney stone passed and it was the aftermath of it. I received a bill a few weeks later for almost $1000! We cannot afford this bill right now or in the near future. We are asking for some assistance in paying this bill off. We would be very honored and appreciated for your kind donations.


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