Hi, Hoping for help paying off my student loan!

by Nicole D

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Nicole D

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Hello friends. I am looking for help paying off my student loan. Ive had this loan for a few years. I was originally making payments towards it. Once covid-19 hit, I lost my job. Put my student loan in deferment. Went into more debt since I lost my job. Fast forward to now and my student loan deferment will be ending and payments will be resuming. I thankfully have a job now but making less. Helping me raise funds to pay this off will be a great burden off my shoulders. My anxiety is through the roof since this date is approaching for my loans to start being paid when I do not have the funds for it 🙁 Your donations would be greatly appreciated and it will give me breathing room and a chance to start saving and putting up some college savings for my son. Again, I would be so thankful for any donations you may give. Thanks!


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