HelpingYouAndMe recognizes the importance of your privacy as regards your data, that is why we are committed to respecting your data to make sure your privacy is ever secure while using our website. Unless it is required by law, HelpingYouAndMe will only process your data based on the agreement we both entered, and we will not hesitate to return it to you at any time at your request.

You can confide in us!


  1. By choosing to have an account with HelpingYouAndMe and/or otherwise using the website, you explicitly agree to:
  2. The permitted age of 18 for a US citizen.
  3. Provide us the personal data needed to allow you to use our website and make Investments through it.
  4. The processing of your data by us, or those specifically listed third parties, by this policy; and
  5. The transfer of your data to the third parties as mentioned in this policy, for any specific reasons.
  6. HelpingYouAndMe has the right to change or alter this policy whenever it considers it necessary without prior notification. However, you will be notified when such a decision that affects you is made.
  7. You have the liberty to relinquish your agreement under (1) at any time.

However, in the event your relinquish of agreement prevents our verification of your identity or otherwise our inability to monitor who you are, you will not be able to use your account and make Investments through our website OR You may exercise your rights under (1) at any time, which includes relinquishing of your agreement you made with us to processing of your data.

It is important to note that should your relinquishment of agreement hinder the execution of our contract with you, we may not be able or choose not to provide you with our services.