Why Is It Difficult To Make Good Financial Decisions?

Sometimes life plays tricks on our minds with a little help from the big companies. This will make more sense in a bit. As I’m writing this from my 2013 iMac 27′ monitor, I’m looking at getting a MacBook or an iPad. Does it even make sense to get either? What about both? Lets take a look at my thought process  as I dive into this “Life changing” decision. This will be short…..I promise.

iPad Pro. I’m mostly interested in the M1 version as you get extra features in iPadOS 16 such as stage manager and proper monitor support. Screen is awesome, pro motion, versatile, fast, and pencil support. The only downside I see with this set up is battery life. My iMac is aging at 9 years old. While is still runs pretty good, some ports are starting to crap out and when it’s under heavy load, it freezes causing me to reboot. Whats this post without numbers!?! 

iPad Pro 128GB Wifi/Cellular 12.9 brand new is $800.

Magic Keyboard is $160 

Of course these are for used devices as buying brand new would shatter my budget. Lets move along…..

MacBook Pro 14/16. I always yearned for a 16′ screen or years but couldn’t justify the price to work ratio. The question I always ask myself when Im on the fence about getting either one of these models is “If I can do my work on an iPad, there is no need for a MacBook of this caliber. Each time I walk away. Urge is still there but financially, it doesn’t make sense. 

MacBook Pro 14′ is $1700 and MacBook Pro 16 is $1800 used. Next! 

MacBook Pro M1. This model came out late 2020. The performance you get out of this machine is on point. Granted, the screen is slightly smaller than those of the above 14 and 16′ models but it should not be a deal breaker. Touch Bar could be a hate it or love it for some. I personally do not care either way. Battery life alone is reason to give this machine a look. M1 MacBook Pro is $900. 

So what have I decided on? Let the drum rolls sing…….I’ll be getting the M1 MacBook Pro 13.3! Its fast, more power than what I need for a lot cheaper than the current models, battery life is insane, and the keyboard feels great. I could have easily went the 14 or 16 route but that kind of power is not needed for me. The meaning behind this post is the deciding factor and the thought process I battled in my head while making the decision. We have to be honest with ourselves. I get it, we all have wants and needs. I just wanted to share the conversations I had with myself while shopping around for expensive devices and not being trapped by the shinny new offerings these companies like to market.